About The Band

Wally Pietrzen- Bass, Lead Vocal          
Owen, Wisconsin
At age 6, Wally was performing Old Time & Country Music with "Wally's Music Aires," (Parent's Band). By age 9, Wally was the Lead Vocalist and Bass Player. After leaving the Music Aires, He went on to play with "Prairie Fire'' "Back Forty" and "Bear Creek Band". Then, in 1992, Wally launched The Marshall Star Band and continues as Lead Vocalist, Bassist.
Discography- "So It Goes" 1994
"Set Me Free" 1997
"Tomorrow" 2005 (Released " Get Away Car" Single Charted with HMG)

Tom Bell- Piano, Guitar, Vocals
 New Jersey

At age 3, Tom started Piano lessons (Phoenix, AZ) and by age 11 was performing professionally. Tom had a house gig at The World Famous "Tooley's". Then Tom moved on to Minnesota, performing in bands such as; Wild Horses, Stoney Jam, Barn Rockers, & Danny Dee. Throughout Marshall Star Band's journey, Tom has always been a major player and rock for MSB. 

   Jeremy Galloway-Drummer
         Born and raised in the great state of Texas.  Jeremy played in highschool bands, after graduation he joined Midnight Junction (country band).  He later played with bands;  Trey Smith and Dal Heart.  After joining Brendan Dawes, he traveled to Cheyenne, WY which he made his home until joining MSB.
          Norman, OK           Jason Judd--guitar & vocals
Jason claims performing is a "natural high."    With his mother being a classical master piano player, his  grandfather a choir director, and his step-father a PHD in composing and music theory Jason claims that  "every evening around the dinner table was like taking a college course."  Jason started touring at age 21, and has toured with bands:  Thomas Michael, II Amendment, Cherrystone, etc  Currently resides in Beldenville, WI                                                                                                                                                


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